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Let The Seed Grow

If you take time to really look at a seed, it is amazing to realize that it's full potential is locked up inside the shell. It's root system, it's trunk, it's leaves, it's flowers, it's fruit, it's height.

In order to unlock that potential the seed has to be placed into the ground. It's atmosphere has to totally change.

It is very interesting that Jesus calls the Word of God a seed. In describing the sower who spread seed upon the ground, He said that some seed, which is the Word of God, fell on hard soil, some on rocky soil, some on thorny soil, and some on good soil.

Therefore, it could be said that the Bible is filled with seed just waiting for someone to allow it to grow within them.

Does the Word of God contain ALL the seed needed for a prosperous life? That and more. The problem is that there are many believers and congregation who look at the seed and hear the seed explained, but do not allow the seed to grow in them. Spiritual change does not take place without the seed germinating within us.

It takes more than just preaching. It takes more than just attending church. It takes allowing God's Word to soak deep into our spirits. A whole generation is looking elsewhere to find seeds that will fulfill because the Church as a whole has gotten away from the power of the seed.

Unlock the potential and let God's Word grow in you.

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