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Wake Up People Of God!!!

There has been a great stirring in our nation, without a doubt. The virus scare has changed people. Politics has polarized the nation. It has become very difficult to fact check much of anything. Our heads are spinning!

The church is trying to decide if we are in the last days or not and how do we keep the connections with social distancing?


Please understand that I am not trying to be cruel with this article. It is with a heavy heart.

•I just heard a report yesterday that in the past few months astrology has grown 25%. People are looking for answers.

•Reports are coming in that many of our young adults are turning to crystals and witchcraft. People are looking for peace and a connection with something greater.

•It is becoming more popular to believe that there are many ways to God. People are wanting to feel right.

There is every reason to believe that the church is on target for another GREAT AWAKENING. Why? Because people are searching. But, I'm not so sure that it will happen within the organized church.

•What happened to the days where peoples lives were changed by the power of God rather than the influence of man?

•What happened to the days where Christians acted like Jesus?

•What happened to the days where people spent hours in the presence of God?

Astronomy: According to historical record, the stars tell us about God rather than man. The rotation of stars are nothing more than mathamatics, much like the rotation of the pistons in a motor. The names of the stars tell the story of God. BUT the Word of God is the supernatural communication of God and, as Jesus described, is seed. That seed has to be allowed to germinate within us. We have to stop JUST teaching and preaching the Word and start living the Word! We have to allow it to grow within us and experience its potential.

Crystals: In the beginning God created... It is amazing the imagination that man has. How can a created rock be greater than the God who created them. I'm sure that there could be benefits from certain materials just as God created benefits from many plants. They are material and God is spiritual. Christians, we do this too. We feel "energy" from a prized car, a collection of something, a position or title. Stop relying upon other things to give you energy and step into the presence of God and feel the energy that created the universe. Awakenings have happened over the centuries where God showed up and people ran screaming, fell to the floor, healed, repented, transformed. Paul wrote in Romans 13:14 to clothe yourself with the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Witchcraft: There has to be more, right? There is and it is all in the power of God. Church, where is the power we have heard about? Where are those days that some of us have experienced? Where are the answered prayers? Be the Church, walk by faith and watch God answer prayers.

Many Ways To Get To God: This is a great thought to feel like we are including everyone. The one BIG problem with this is that God sent His Son Jesus to die in our place. He described Himself as being the ONLY access to God. There is no other way outside of Jesus. Inclusiveness is that Jesus died for ALL and ALL are welcome. They just have to accept Him. To truly be inclusive is to share the love of Jesus with the world.

•My heart breaks for followers of Jesus who are not living the full power in Jesus and His Word.

•My heart breaks for so many people who are searching because the church has failed them.

•My heart longs for the day that God's power begins to fall upon people and transform them, bringing them peace, bringing them hope, bringing them a life to look forward to.

If the church will put away formalities, let God's Word transform them, be willing to get into God's presence, pray with faith that God will answer and live with Jesus as THE way, that is when we will once again become influencers with God's love.

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