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The Evidence

Watch the news and they will give you the evidence they feel that you need to know who is bad and who is good. Read FaceBook and you will find articles with the evidence you need to see that everyone is against everyone. Purchase a self-help book and see that you can make things better.

Actually, none of these are too reassuring that life is good.

Recently, I heard a song that I had heard for a couple of years and yet I heard it like it was the first time. The title of the song is Evidence. For some reason when I heard the course I really heard it for the first time. "I see the evidence of Your goodness, all over my life, all over my life. I see the promises in fulfillment, all over my life, all over my life." Paul said something good when he said that "All things work together for good..."

As I look back I see God's hand that has been ALL over my life. I can see the good shining out of the bad. What can you see?

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