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Meet The Staff

Pastor Nathan and Dawn Boehm have been FWC's loving Pastors since 1995. They have seen many of our families grow in the Lord and move on to new adventures.


Pastor Nathan loves to help us find a deeper walk with the Lord and find truths from His Word. He is a strong advocate of everyone reading the Bible daily and trying to finish it in a year. Pastor Nathan encourages his congregation to be involved in ministry and would like to see everyone be involved in small groups to discuss the Bible while also building relationships with one another. He likes to say "We are all ministers in training".

Mrs. Dawn Boehm not only pastors with her husband and sings in the worship team but is a Realtor and works at Chick-Fil-A. She is a fun-loving person who loves a good joke but also deeply cares for everyone she meets. Just being around Dawn brings a smile to your face.

Come join our family and meet everyone at FWC!

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